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Wrapping it up with Innovation and Efficiency

Waldorf Technik approaches the increasing customer demands for safer, faster, and more productive manufacturing processes with innovative engineering. In the packaging business, most manufacturers have specialized in the injection molding of thin-walled packaging. They have to adapt to their customer’s filling lines and have to manufacture very efficiently. In this highly competitive market, innovation and efficiency count.

The high availability, the durability, and the ease of operation of Waldorf Technik’s equipment actively contribute to the success of these companies. The benefits include:

  • Fast removal systems with extremely short mold intrusion times
  • Optimized solutions for single-face and stack molds
  • Decoration modules (e.g. in-mold labeling)
  • Integrated quality-control
  • Modular design of the automation systems with short changeover times for other products with highflex® IML robots
  • Configuration levels for further processes in logistics and quality control

Waldorf Technik combines the cost-effective modular design systems with the individual requirements of the customer and thus delivers the ideal automation solution for their projects.

IML – In Mould Labelling

Next to short cycle times and high cavity numbers, maximum flexibility is a crucial success factor when it comes to IML automation. With the modular product series Highflex® IML, Waldorf Technik sets global IML standards. Short changeover times into all common label formats and differing cavity numbers guarantee a decisive competitive edge for companies.

Take-out & Stacking

Quick cycles and a high output are the winning forumula in the packaging business!

Cycle times of less than 2 seconds help Waldorf Technik’s packaging customers with the successful breakthrough in a competitive market. Waldorf Technik supports companies with precisely customized high-performance removal robots, e.g. for cups, container, or lids and mold intrusion times up to less than 0.5 seconds.   

If large quantities are required, stack molds rank among the most efficient concepts. We support this technology with a variety of systems in order to master every individual customer requirement regarding logistics, inspecitions, cavitation, flexibility, and spacial needs.  


Successful manufacturers of plastic cutlery focus on productivity in their production, flexibility in packaging sizes, and especially on minimizing logistics costs to the customer.

Waldorf Technik looks at crucial starting points for developing automation equipment in these areas. The stacking of cutlery in many different configurations together with the integrated packaging are the core elements in the equipment design for plastic cutlery. Another important benefit: Logistic costs can be lowered considerably with Waldorf Technik which leads to a significant reduction of the amortization time.

Barrier Technology

We are deeply involved in three feasible trend-setting production processes to substitute glass and tin cans:

  • 3D-barrier-coating technology as an all-encompassing migration barrier to prevent ingress of gas, flavor scalping and contamination
  • EVOH Co-Injection as an oxygen barrier
  • In-mold-labeling with oxygen barrier labels

We have taken a leading technological role in all processes mentioned. Depending on your individual needs we recommend the most advantageous process, connect you with the appropriate specialist and supply our systems to ensure an efficient solution.




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