Highflex® IML

For years now, the Highflex® has been the flagship of our IML robots. Fast changeover times on all label formats and various numbers of cavities ensure a highly competitive advantage for our customers.

Short cycle times and high numbers of cavities have been the ultimate benchmark for IML automations up to now. For experts, the flexibility of the system becomes more and more important. Our modular concept sets completely new standards worldwide. Fast changeover times on various products and various numbers of cavities assure success.

We concentrate on the full utilization of capacity with our successful modular Highflex® IML series. This type of automation is flexible to use for all label geometries as well as molds from 1-8 cavities. Changeover times of less than 30 minutes are unparalleled worldwide.

With further development of the modular system we have set new milestones in 2011. Products can now be gated on the inside or outside on a single IML robot. Our customers are able to produce cups, containers or lids up to 32 cavities on the Highflex® IML systems.

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