Innovation and efficiency: a successful „package“

In the packaging business, most of our customers are experts having specialized in the injection molding of thin-walled packaging. They have to adapt to their customers’ filling lines and have to manufacture very efficiently. We meet the requirements for more consistent, faster and more efficient production processes with innovative engineering services. In this highly competitive market, innovation and efficiency really count.

The high utilization, durability and ease of operation of our equipment make a positive contribution to the success of such clients:

  • Fast removal  systems with very short mold intrusion  times
  • Optimized solutions for single-face and stack molds
  • Decoration modules (e.g. in-mold labeling)
  • Integrated quality-control
  • Modular design  of the automation systems with short changeover times for  other products through highflex® IML robots
  • Configuration levels for further processes in logistics and quality control

Waldorf Technik combines the most cost effective methods of construction with the individual requirements of the customers. You will get the best automation solution for your packaging project at a good price / performance ratio.

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