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FAKUMA-Exhibition Highlight: Vario TIP® system ensures maximum productivity and increased patient safety

Vario TIP® is the patented and worldwide leading system concept for the production of medical and diagnostic consumables such as pipette tips, cuvettes or reagent vessels. These products are laboratory consumables with high quality standards and the need for cavity sorting in the packaging unit to ensure delivery and patient safety in every case. With the Vario TIP® system, production runs completely cavity-sorted for maximum efficiency and safety. The Vario TIP® system is characterised by its unsurpassed degree of freedom for different mold configurations and packaging units, with an extremely space-saving design and complete cavity sorting. With Vario TIP®, high cavity numbers, up to 128, are possible with cycle times peaking at 3.8 seconds. The automation system handles all basic functions such as removal, transfer, screening, buffering and filling. In addition, the system includes a large number of unique functionalities that can be used according to customer specifications. These include camera inspections, cavity-sorted exchange of bad parts/defective parts, filter assembly and customer-specific packaging of the finished parts.

The further development Vario TIP® FSS with its particularly narrow design, opens up the market to MedTec injection molders in new performance classes without requiring more room space. FSS stands for Floor Space Saving. As the name suggests, the outstanding advantage of the Vario TIP® FSS structure over the Vario TIP® standard model is the extremely reduced space requirement. Through a clever arrangement of the buffer areas required for the cavity separation, Waldorf Technik has succeeded in reducing the area by half, compared to the basic system. The functionality and variability of the Vario TIP® standard model is of course still retained.

The system is also displayed on the Waldorf Technik company page within "FAKUMA Virtual". For more information, please visit the following link: https://www.fakuma-messe.de/nc/en/fakuma-virtual/showroom/exhibitor-virtual/60152-waldorf-technik-gmbh/




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