Your advantages:

  • High productivity with cycle times below 4.8 sec and up to 96 cavities
  • Stable production process by permanently guiding the pipette tips and filling them into the racks 100% controlled
  • Automatic intelligent sorting of the pipette tips in buffer to fill the racks cavity sorted (controlled mix, cavity clean or in cavity groups)
  • Three different standard expansion stages to suit all specific customer requirements; prepared to be fitted to customer specific adaption.
  • Vario TIP® can be equipped acc. to individual requirements like e.g. 100% vision control, cavity specific run-out-forecast, exchange of bad parts during the ongoing process, integrated filter assembly, coding of the filled racks, various packaging variations.
  • Increased flexibility of Vario TIP® systems: e. g. different rack variations or pipette tips can be handled on one system by simply changing the format parts.
  • Extremely space saving design; the standard system is suitable for clean room classes up to 10.000 / ISO 6

Vario TIP®: flexible – quick – efficient – clean– secure

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