Quality policy

Our company’s quality policy is verbalized by our management and tested periodically in assessments on suitability and effectiveness.

It considers our customers’ expectations and demands, contains the obligation of all company levels to fulfill the determined requirements as well as continuous improvement and is focused on the elements of:

  • Accuracy and reliability in dealing with customers, suppliers and employees
  • Strict compliance with non-disclosure-agreements regarding mutual development processes with customers and partners
  • Competence, in compiling all key technological elements and –processes in-house to fulfill our customers’ expectations with the necessary flexibility and creativity. Our employees bring in all their know how for our customers in all relevant key processes.

Each system will be delivered with technical documentation, not only complying with all requirements of the EG-Maschinenrichtlinie 2006/42/EG  but also delivering comprehensive information. Our customers will be trained intensively and, with the help of the technical documentation, they will be capable of resolving possible problems with the automation system themselves. That saves times and diminishes down time of the system.

The procedure of CE marking is supervised by a CE coordinator. He is not only responsible for the procedure of conformity but he is also working regularly on the improvement of systematic processes, required structures and communication sequences within the company.

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